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Comparing 4 Ways to Monitor Social Media

Social media monitoring is the act of gathering social media intelligence - social media data that encompasses posting, interactions with posts, details about who participates in certain social media conversations, and why they do so. It’s an activity that holds significant strategic value to .

Why Social Media Monitoring is More Than Sentiment Analysis

It’s about time we cleared something up. Social media monitoring is not the same as sentiment analysis. Yes, they both help you get an idea of your audience’s perceptions. But social media monitoring does so much more than that - it’s more specific and it provides additional context to why.

3 Ways to Use Social Media Monitoring for Universities

Social media has firmly earned its place in higher education. Back in 2013, there was a flurry of activity surrounding “university confessions” pages, where students kept an anonymous, public journal of their academic and extracurricular lives on Facebook. During and since that period,.

Social Media Listening vs. Social Media Analytics: Understanding the Difference

Do Social Media Analytics Give You the Full Picture?

When most people report on social performance to superiors, colleagues, or clients, they commonly rely on social media analytics. Generally speaking, social media analytics are a summary of measured social media data. They often take the form.

4 Social Media Monitoring Best Practices for Universities

Modern universities and academic institutions need to be actively engaged in social media communications. After all, that’s where their most important audiences are looking: prospective students, current students, alumni, faculty, students’ parents, fans and supporters of collegiate athletics.

Social Media Monitoring for Law Enforcement: How to Engage Your Community

Tensions between American citizens and law enforcement officers have been high as of late.

4 Industry-Wide Benefits of Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring can be applied successfully to practically any industry. Raw social data, while difficult to interpret, serves as a window into the interests and concerns of people everywhere. If you could put a lens over the interests and groups that are most relevant to your objectives.

How to Use Social Media Listening to Discover Critical Voter Issues

Since its proliferation, social media has firmly cemented itself as a way that adult citizens (read: voters) connect with politics. They use social posts and conversations to air their opinions, persuade others, endorse candidates, and gather research before making their decisions. But what.

4 Must-Have Features for Social Media Monitoring Software

More often than not, people who are looking for social media management software really want social media monitoring software. They may sound similar, but the differences in strategic value are substantial. Let’s define them, then dig further into how they’re different:

3 Ways Businesses Can Extract Value from Social Media Monitoring

Over the past decade, social media has become the leading channel of global, mass communication. It outperforms all conventional media in terms of how quickly and how far information can be spread. This is evident in that almost a quarter of the world’s population has a Facebook account and.


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